Steps to getting your driving license in Singapore

A Singapore driving license is one of the many things that Singaporeans want to possess. I’m sure it excites many Singaporeans that they could finally work for it when they turn 18 years old (legal age to drive a car is 18 years old in Singapore).

For all those eager to get your Singapore driving license, here are what you need to know about them:

1. There are 2 types of driving licenses for motorcars in Singapore – Class 3 and Class 3A driving licenses. Class 3 driving license enables the holder to drive both manual and automatic transmission vehicles in Singapore while Class 3A driving license enables the holder to drive only automatic transmission vehicles in Singapore.

2. The vehicles that Class 3 and 3A driving licenses allow the holder to drive include motorcars, light goods vehicles, small buses and minivans.

The steps to getting the driving licenses are as follow:

1. Register for your Basic Theory Test at one of the three driving schools in Singapore (i.e. Bukit Batok Driving Centre, ComfortDelGro Driving Centre, and Singapore Safety Driving Centre). The usual waiting time to your Basic Theory Test is approximately 2 months.

2. After you pass your Basic Theory Test, you are open up to two options – obtain your Provisional Driving License to start taking driving lessons, and to register for your Final Theory Test. You can obtain your Provisional Driving License at the Traffic Police department inside the driving centres immediately on the spot. As for the Final Theory Test, the waiting time to the test date is approximately 2 months, similar to the Basic Theory Test. Take note that you will need to pass your Final Theory Test in order to register for your Practical Driving Test.

3. For your driving lessons, you can choose to engage either school driving instructors or private driving instructors. Getting lessons with school driving instructors is easy – simply enroll for the practical driving lessons in one of the three driving centres. However, getting a private driving instructor is more difficult as many of them do not advertise their services actively to the market. You can engage some agencies to match you up with these private driving instructors in Singapore.

4. After you pass your Practical Driving Test, you can apply for your Singapore Driving License immediately after! The driving license will be mailed to you by registered post. You are allowed to drive in Singapore while waiting for your driving license to be delivered.

Now, get started on getting your Singapore driving license!

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