Why Singapore Private Driving Lessons Are Better Than School

Well, you can probably guess which one I think is better. Clearly, if you have learnt driving before in Singapore, taken the test and passed it as well, you’ll definitely know that it’s better to learn and take driving lessons from a private driving instructor in Singapore than going to the school. Here’s why.

  • The instructor is dedicated. First of all, the instructor will not keep changing unlike the school if you were to learn from school. Secondly, when I say dedicated, I mean the private driving instructor’s teaching and service. This is because his own reputation is at stake. When it comes to school teachers, they couldn’t care less because the reputation is not theirs. It’s way too difficult for a student’s review to get past the immense bureaucracy associated with schools to affect the driving instructor personally. However, both good and bad reviews will easily affect the livelihood of a private driving instructor.
  • You use the same car for the exam. This is especially beneficial for students taking manual test. This is because although you may be using the same car model for the test (though it’s a different car) for school students, there will actually be differences in the clutch control. This is why most students prefer learning from a private driving instructor when it comes to learning manual driving lessons in Singapore.
  • They are customized to you. Because students need to pay an exorbitant sum of money just to have 1 dedicated instructor if they were to take school driving lessons in Singapore, most students prefer not to. Therefore, they will keep learning from different instructors and the only feedback the new driving instructor has about the students are the comments left behind by the previous instructor. However, there’s more to technical teaching when it comes to effective driving lessons. Some students prefer being repeated to when it comes to instructions, while others are great at remembering lessons. Only a private driving instructor in Singapore can do that.

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