When you should start taking Singapore driving lessons

Learner drivers can start taking driving lessons after they pass their Basic Theory Test (BTT). Should they start their driving lessons in Singapore then or should they wait till they pass their Final Theory Test (FTT)?


Learner drivers can only apply for the practical test after they pass their FTT. If they start taking driving lessons immediately after they pass their BTT, they will have a longer period to learn driving before they can take their practical test. In fact, the waiting time for FTT and practical test is approximately 2 months each from their respective dates of booking. Hence, assuming that the learner drivers start taking driving lessons after passing their BTT, they will have to wait 4 months till their practical test dates. That’s 4 months of driving lessons for the learning drivers.

On the other hand, if the learner drivers start taking their driving lessons only after they pass their FTT, they will have 2 months’ time to prepare for the practical test.

Hence, the real consideration behind this is your preference for the duration of driving lessons – 2 months versus 4 months. Do you need 2 months of driving lessons to prepare you for the practical test? Or do you need 4 months?

For majority of the learner drivers who have average and above speed of learning, I would say 2 months is enough time for you to prepare for the driving practical test. If you take 3 lessons a week, in 2 months, you would take about 24 lessons. The number of lessons learner drivers in Singapore take on average before they attempt their first driving practical test is 20 lessons.

If you are a slow learner, then you should consider to start taking your driving lessons after your pass BTT. In the 4 months, you could take between 30 to 50 lessons before you attempt your first driving lesson. It would be better to be adequately prepared and pass your driving test on the first attempt as compared to attempting and failing the driving test multiple times, wasting unnecessary money on driving test booking. Take note that each driving test booking cost about $250.

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