Find a good driving match up agency in Singapore

A good driving match up agency matches good private driving instructors to learner drivers in Singapore. As private driving instructors seldom advertise their services to the market themselves, it will be difficult for learner drivers who do not have any contacts to find those private driving instructors. Driving match up agencies exist to fill in this gap – matching up learner drivers to private driving instructors.

There are quite a few driving match up agencies in Singapore. Definitely, there are good ones and bad ones. Please consider the below factors when finding a good driving match up agency in Singapore:

1. Response time
A good driving match up agency should respond to your request for the match up service within 6 hours. Delaying the response beyond 6 hours is not acceptable. This clearly portrays their customer service attitude. Customer service is the first thing I always look out for. If customer service is not up to standard, then it will be better to hop over to another service provider with a higher service quality.

2. Payment of registration fee
Some driving match up agencies allow learner drivers to pay the registration fees to the instructors in cash during the first lesson. This means that they do not have to pay anything till they meet the instructors face to face during the first lesson. Other driving match up agencies require upfront payment of the registration fee before they help to schedule the first lesson between the learner driving and the instructor. Obviously, the former option is more appealing to the learner drivers. Whenever possible, I would recommend approaching the driving match up agencies offering the former option instead of the latter option. A delay in cash outflow will always be better for the learner drivers.

3. Subsequent switch of private driving instructors
Some driving match up agencies offer free replacement of private driving instructors for the learner drivers should they find their current instructor not suitable. Only the best agencies dare to offer this service and this really shows the confidence they have in their private driving instructors.

For your information, a good match up agency that passes the above 3 criteria with flying colors will be Sglearntodrive. You can find out more about them here @

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