Find a good driving match up agency in Singapore

A good driving match up agency matches good private driving instructors to learner drivers in Singapore. As private driving instructors seldom advertise their services to the market themselves, it will be difficult for learner drivers who do not have any contacts to find those private driving instructors. Driving match up agencies exist to fill in this gap – matching up learner drivers to private driving instructors.

There are quite a few driving match up agencies in Singapore. Definitely, there are good ones and bad ones. Please consider the below factors when finding a good driving match up agency in Singapore:

1. Response time
A good driving match up agency should respond to your request for the match up service within 6 hours. Delaying the response beyond 6 hours is not acceptable. This clearly portrays their customer service attitude. Customer service is the first thing I always look out for. If customer service is not up to standard, then it will be better to hop over to another service provider with a higher service quality.

2. Payment of registration fee
Some driving match up agencies allow learner drivers to pay the registration fees to the instructors in cash during the first lesson. This means that they do not have to pay anything till they meet the instructors face to face during the first lesson. Other driving match up agencies require upfront payment of the registration fee before they help to schedule the first lesson between the learner driving and the instructor. Obviously, the former option is more appealing to the learner drivers. Whenever possible, I would recommend approaching the driving match up agencies offering the former option instead of the latter option. A delay in cash outflow will always be better for the learner drivers.

3. Subsequent switch of private driving instructors
Some driving match up agencies offer free replacement of private driving instructors for the learner drivers should they find their current instructor not suitable. Only the best agencies dare to offer this service and this really shows the confidence they have in their private driving instructors.

For your information, a good match up agency that passes the above 3 criteria with flying colors will be Sglearntodrive. You can find out more about them here @

When you should start taking Singapore driving lessons

Learner drivers can start taking driving lessons after they pass their Basic Theory Test (BTT). Should they start their driving lessons in Singapore then or should they wait till they pass their Final Theory Test (FTT)?


Learner drivers can only apply for the practical test after they pass their FTT. If they start taking driving lessons immediately after they pass their BTT, they will have a longer period to learn driving before they can take their practical test. In fact, the waiting time for FTT and practical test is approximately 2 months each from their respective dates of booking. Hence, assuming that the learner drivers start taking driving lessons after passing their BTT, they will have to wait 4 months till their practical test dates. That’s 4 months of driving lessons for the learning drivers.

On the other hand, if the learner drivers start taking their driving lessons only after they pass their FTT, they will have 2 months’ time to prepare for the practical test.

Hence, the real consideration behind this is your preference for the duration of driving lessons – 2 months versus 4 months. Do you need 2 months of driving lessons to prepare you for the practical test? Or do you need 4 months?

For majority of the learner drivers who have average and above speed of learning, I would say 2 months is enough time for you to prepare for the driving practical test. If you take 3 lessons a week, in 2 months, you would take about 24 lessons. The number of lessons learner drivers in Singapore take on average before they attempt their first driving practical test is 20 lessons.

If you are a slow learner, then you should consider to start taking your driving lessons after your pass BTT. In the 4 months, you could take between 30 to 50 lessons before you attempt your first driving lesson. It would be better to be adequately prepared and pass your driving test on the first attempt as compared to attempting and failing the driving test multiple times, wasting unnecessary money on driving test booking. Take note that each driving test booking cost about $250.

Singapore Driving Test Tips And Advice

Here are some of the tested and proven advice and tips which every student in Singapore who has passed the driving test will definitely know (or learn through the hard way by failing). Most of the tips here are taught by instructors at SGLEARNTODRIVE (

First of all, always keep near the road speed limits. Try not to exceed it, but a less taught tip is to keep near the road speed limits. Do not road hog, as you will get some points deducted during your Singapore driving test.

Second of all, always check your blind spots and check them exaggeratedly. This means that you should turn your entire head so that the driving tester can see you checking your blind spots. Although sometimes this is unnecessary in reality, you need to show the tester that you check your blindspots, and he/she can see you doing it. Most people just turn their eyes, and the tester cannot see that.

Third of all, always be confident. The tester will make certain actions or say certain things during the driving test in Singapore, not because he/she means it, but he/she wants to break your confidence and see if you will waver. If you do, they’ll fail you. This is because the worst and most dangerous kind of drivers on the road are unconfident drivers. They cause the most accidents because they do not think with a clear mind.

Fourth of all, always get a good private driving instructor. A good driving instructor is half the battle won – just get one from SGLEARNTODRIVE, the consistently rated top private driving instructor match up agency in Singapore.

Finally, WORK HARD DURING YOUR DRIVING LESSONS. You’re not learning driving because you’re forced to unlike so many things in life. You’re learning driving because you WANT TO. So act like it. Behave like it. Learn well during your driving lessons instead of having a victim mindset when learning from your driving instructor.

Why Singapore Private Driving Lessons Are Better Than School

Well, you can probably guess which one I think is better. Clearly, if you have learnt driving before in Singapore, taken the test and passed it as well, you’ll definitely know that it’s better to learn and take driving lessons from a private driving instructor in Singapore than going to the school. Here’s why.

  • The instructor is dedicated. First of all, the instructor will not keep changing unlike the school if you were to learn from school. Secondly, when I say dedicated, I mean the private driving instructor’s teaching and service. This is because his own reputation is at stake. When it comes to school teachers, they couldn’t care less because the reputation is not theirs. It’s way too difficult for a student’s review to get past the immense bureaucracy associated with schools to affect the driving instructor personally. However, both good and bad reviews will easily affect the livelihood of a private driving instructor.
  • You use the same car for the exam. This is especially beneficial for students taking manual test. This is because although you may be using the same car model for the test (though it’s a different car) for school students, there will actually be differences in the clutch control. This is why most students prefer learning from a private driving instructor when it comes to learning manual driving lessons in Singapore.
  • They are customized to you. Because students need to pay an exorbitant sum of money just to have 1 dedicated instructor if they were to take school driving lessons in Singapore, most students prefer not to. Therefore, they will keep learning from different instructors and the only feedback the new driving instructor has about the students are the comments left behind by the previous instructor. However, there’s more to technical teaching when it comes to effective driving lessons. Some students prefer being repeated to when it comes to instructions, while others are great at remembering lessons. Only a private driving instructor in Singapore can do that.

Steps to getting your driving license in Singapore

A Singapore driving license is one of the many things that Singaporeans want to possess. I’m sure it excites many Singaporeans that they could finally work for it when they turn 18 years old (legal age to drive a car is 18 years old in Singapore).

For all those eager to get your Singapore driving license, here are what you need to know about them:

1. There are 2 types of driving licenses for motorcars in Singapore – Class 3 and Class 3A driving licenses. Class 3 driving license enables the holder to drive both manual and automatic transmission vehicles in Singapore while Class 3A driving license enables the holder to drive only automatic transmission vehicles in Singapore.

2. The vehicles that Class 3 and 3A driving licenses allow the holder to drive include motorcars, light goods vehicles, small buses and minivans.

The steps to getting the driving licenses are as follow:

1. Register for your Basic Theory Test at one of the three driving schools in Singapore (i.e. Bukit Batok Driving Centre, ComfortDelGro Driving Centre, and Singapore Safety Driving Centre). The usual waiting time to your Basic Theory Test is approximately 2 months.

2. After you pass your Basic Theory Test, you are open up to two options – obtain your Provisional Driving License to start taking driving lessons, and to register for your Final Theory Test. You can obtain your Provisional Driving License at the Traffic Police department inside the driving centres immediately on the spot. As for the Final Theory Test, the waiting time to the test date is approximately 2 months, similar to the Basic Theory Test. Take note that you will need to pass your Final Theory Test in order to register for your Practical Driving Test.

3. For your driving lessons, you can choose to engage either school driving instructors or private driving instructors. Getting lessons with school driving instructors is easy – simply enroll for the practical driving lessons in one of the three driving centres. However, getting a private driving instructor is more difficult as many of them do not advertise their services actively to the market. You can engage some agencies to match you up with these private driving instructors in Singapore.

4. After you pass your Practical Driving Test, you can apply for your Singapore Driving License immediately after! The driving license will be mailed to you by registered post. You are allowed to drive in Singapore while waiting for your driving license to be delivered.

Now, get started on getting your Singapore driving license!

Where To Start Learning Driving In Singapore?

Driving can be very intimidating for people. Most people are not used to controlling a vehicle much larger than they are, and some people will truly understand what ‘blind spot’ means. There really are some blind spots when you drive, and cannot be seen without physically turning your head. This may scare certain beginner drivers in Singapore, especially because Singapore roads have lots of cars and bikes whizzing by on a daily basis..

Here are my best advice to help you learn driving effectively in Singapore.

First of all, I would recommend going for a private driving instructor instead. Do you believe in learning by starting small? I believe in going big, throwing a person into the deep end of the pool, and learn through struggling. The lessons taught and learnt is much faster. School students learn from the comfort and perceived ‘safety’ of the school circuits (albeit paying a bomb for public school driving lessons). Private driving students learn from the outside roads first, exposing beginner drivers to the toughest road conditions first. This means that a school student would generally find it easy to drive in the beginning part of his or her lessons, while a private driving student may find it more intimidating in the beginning. However, over time, it’s significantly easier to drive as a private driving student, because you’re already used to driving on ACTUAL roads.

Second of all, finding any private driving instructor does not mean you’re going to succeed at passing your driving test on the first try. There are good private driving instructors as well as bad ones. I highly recommend that you look for an agency like is going to make your life much easier because they automatically match you up with a suitable and compatible private driving instructor instead of you searching through tons of unknown and unqualified driving instructors who may be bad.