Singapore Driving Test Tips And Advice

Here are some of the tested and proven advice and tips which every student in Singapore who has passed the driving test will definitely know (or learn through the hard way by failing). Most of the tips here are taught by instructors at SGLEARNTODRIVE (

First of all, always keep near the road speed limits. Try not to exceed it, but a less taught tip is to keep near the road speed limits. Do not road hog, as you will get some points deducted during your Singapore driving test.

Second of all, always check your blind spots and check them exaggeratedly. This means that you should turn your entire head so that the driving tester can see you checking your blind spots. Although sometimes this is unnecessary in reality, you need to show the tester that you check your blindspots, and he/she can see you doing it. Most people just turn their eyes, and the tester cannot see that.

Third of all, always be confident. The tester will make certain actions or say certain things during the driving test in Singapore, not because he/she means it, but he/she wants to break your confidence and see if you will waver. If you do, they’ll fail you. This is because the worst and most dangerous kind of drivers on the road are unconfident drivers. They cause the most accidents because they do not think with a clear mind.

Fourth of all, always get a good private driving instructor. A good driving instructor is half the battle won – just get one from SGLEARNTODRIVE, the consistently rated top private driving instructor match up agency in Singapore.

Finally, WORK HARD DURING YOUR DRIVING LESSONS. You’re not learning driving because you’re forced to unlike so many things in life. You’re learning driving because you WANT TO. So act like it. Behave like it. Learn well during your driving lessons instead of having a victim mindset when learning from your driving instructor.